Daniel Brickman
Ark Flotilla, 2012
fired ceramic with magnatite
dimensions variable

Baby Star, 2009
matches and clear tape
2 x 7 x 7”
photo credit: Dalibor Zorić

Silver Spiral, 2008
paint pen on laminated brown paper
70 x 90”
Round, commonly found objects such as coins, beer caps, and washers rendered as if they were dipped in paint and pressed repeatedly on the paper until dry, following a spiral pattern.

Several Heavy Thoughts, 2008
cast toilet paper
display configuration: 4 x 11 x 13”
photo credit: Dalibor Zorić

Ark of Many Moons, 2008
aluminum foil and clear packing tape
5 x 12 x 12”
photo credit: Dalibor Zorić

O.U.C.H., 2007
cast paper and fiberglass, with audio
10 x 48 x 48”
installation in Miller Gallery
A paper casting of a pile of broken glass with the sound of glass breaking.

Duct Tape on Canvas, 2006
duct tape, bed sheet
72 x 72”

Turn/Beat, 2005
mechanical component, steel, wood, sound
5 x 8 x 30”

Growth, 2004
24 x 30 x 36”

Hourglass, 2004
24 x 24 x 72”